A Fairtrade Report

Bilston C of E Primary School were one of the first schools in the City of Wolverhampton to be awarded Fairtrade status in 2008. In March 2018 the school was awarded the Lord Bilston Award for its Fairtrade work. Becoming a Fairtrade School means joining a worldwide movement, where young people learn that, they have the power to make a difference in the world.

It offers a great opportunity to look at global issues such as where our food comes from and how we are connected to people around the world. Children can also learn a range of skills, from teamwork and co-operation to persuasive writing to running a stall or tuck shop.

Teaching about Fairtrade fits different curriculum areas, especially Geography, Citizenship and PSHE.  Each year our school strives to think of new and engaging ways to spread the Fairtrade message within our City and closer school community.  As a Church of England School we have strong links with the local church and the Fairtrade movement strengthens this link.


“The past 12 years have seen a greater awareness from our children and families in promoting and purchasing FairTrade products which impacts upon the lives of workers and farmers across the World. Our school link with Masaba DEB School in Western Kenya has further raised children’s understanding of the need to recognise the importance of ensuring that people receive a fair price for their crops. Kenyan Teachers from our exchange program have spoken about how Bilston families are directly helping families from the Kimilili district by supporting their farmers.”

Mr G Gentle

Head Teacher

“Children at our school have a good understanding of FairTrade. They understand that what they are purchasing is supporting farmers and families across the world. FairTrade offers our children and parents the opportunity to support our school and our community links."

Miss V Jepson

FairTrade Co-ordinator

“Fairtrade brings us together as a community it helps to develop our understanding and highlights our moral responsibilities as British Citizens to support the ethical growth of our neighbours in developing countries.  It also helps to build strong bonds with parents and provides an opportunity for them to become involved in their child’s learning.”

Mrs D Robinson

Computing Co-ordinator and Phase Leader

“FairTrade means everyone gets a fair price for the products they produce. These products are transported all around the world. When I go shopping, I always look out for the Fairtrade logo on my food."


Year 3 Pupil

“Through Fairtrade we celebrate, share and showcase our musical qualities at special events across the City of Wolverhampton”.

Mrs Banyard

Music Co-ordinator

“Lots of people around the world buy and sell FairTrade food. When I buy things at school, I know that my money will help some farmers."


Year 2 Pupil

“Sometimes at school I have some money to buy FairTrade things. I like to buy the chocolate and the orange juice."


Reception Pupil

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