Music Teaching during lockdown


When we went into lockdown in January lessons took place online. Music teaching continued but had to be adapted for remote learning. 5-10 minute videos were put onto class dojo for EYFS and KS1 children. KS2 children had a weekly live music lesson on Teams. The majority of KS2 children engaged in these live lessons and there were some good responses from the younger children too.


The children also had weekly ‘worship through song’ again either through dojo or Teams. Although we had lost the sense of singing together, I feel it benefitted their wellbeing to hear the songs we normally sing in our worship and have the opportunity to join in.


I am pleased that children tried hard to take part in the online music lessons but I know that they are glad to be back in the classroom and have access to all the music resources that we have in school.

The video shows us how important it was to continue with music teaching remotely and how children coped with it.


Mrs Andrea Banyard

Music Co-ordinator

Virtual Carol Service 2020
EYFS Worship
Wolverhampton Music Service - It's Fun To Sing

WMS Vocal - EYFS and KS1 videos

WMS Vocal - KS2 videos

'Lift Up Your Voice'

Lift up your voice is a great song for the children to sing together at home. What a wonderful song to sing when we are all back together again. Have fun!


A prayer for our leaders

Gracious Lord,

We find ourselves in a time of immense confusion, difficulty and fear;

We need to receive your peace.

We are having to make decisions which we hope are right for our schools;

We need to discern your wisdom.

We hold the worries of our school communities within our hands;

We need to feel your comfort.

We have had to work at an extraordinary and unprecedented pace;

We need to experience your rest.

We may have made mistakes while acting with the required urgency;

We need to know your grace.

We have done our best even if it wasn't always perfect;

We need to hear your encouragement.

We are tired, afraid and sad;

We need to be enveloped in your love.

Guide us in all we do.

Watch over us as we seek to lead our schools as best we can.

Protect our communities and guard us from harm.

Give us your strength for today and your hope for tomorrow.

For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ,




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