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Bilston CofE HeadStart Success!

Billston CofE Primary School were selected to take part to been involved in a pilot project called HeadStart Wolverhampton. This project aims to develop mindfulness and resilience in young people. A key element of the project is to examine the impact that digital technology can have on building resilience. Find out more at

In order to trial a range of digital activities, four children where selected as part of a group to work with other schools to test and evaluate the activities over the course of this year.

Activity days included , SUMO - 'Change your T-Shirt', Visit to Woodlands Camp – Develop Fruity Thinking, Met the Mayor of Wolverhampton Ian Brookfield.Visit to Safe Side in Birmingham, Activity day at Kingswood and finally the

children took part in a reflection and celebration at Wolverhampton Science Park.

For more information and to Read news stories from each activity day please click on the links below.

HeadStart Day 1: Visit to the Molineux – Change Your T-shirt

HeadStart Day2: Visit to Woodlands Camp – Develop Fruity Thinking.

HeadStart Day 3 – Civic Centre: Remember the beach ball.

HeadStart Day 4 – Safe Side: Ditch Doris Day, Dare to dream!

HeadStart Day 5 – Kingswood – Learn Latin: Carpe Diem

HeadStart Day 6 – Day 6: Wolverhampton Science Park.