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Getting Ahead Day 2

During day 2, the children attended the SuperMe event at the Molineux Stadium. They had to complete a series of events linked to developing their self-esteem and confidence in order to find their ‘SuperMe’. The first task they were set was all about developing their communication skills by expressing confidence when speaking. The children worked in pairs in order to read out super hero facts, gradually getting further away from each other climbing the stairs of the stadium.

After that they were able to take selfies to use when transforming themselves into a super hero! The children recorded a motivational message for their hero to say.

The next task required the children to enter the virtual world! They had to complete a football challenge using the virtual reality headsets to gain points, with Emilija being the overall winner!

The children then moved onto using the ‘Make Waves’ app on the iPads. This gave the children time to blog about Day 1 and gain a digital badge!

At the end of the day, the children completed different confidence building task taking on different roles and listening to a range of music. They were then awarded with their certificates and badges!