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School History Day

On Friday 24th June 2016, children at Bilston CE Primary School were taken back in time over the past 90 years (relating to the recent 90th birthday of our Queen) to meet some key people who have made significant contributions to the society in which we live. Staff took on the roles of influential people such as Tim Berners-Lee, Princess Diana, Anne Frank and Sir Tim Peake among others to bring history to life for the children.

Pupils developed skills of historical enquiry and communication, historical investigation and the ability to build an overview of British and world history and they had lots of fun at the same time! Foundation subjects are taught within a creative curriculum at Bilston CE Primary School and through this we believe that children receive a full, relevant and exciting curriculum which gives them the skills and confidence to become independent learners whilst promoting core British values.

Mrs. J. Booth, Creative Curriculum Co-ordinator