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School Christian Values

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All our worship is based on these core Christian values.

In Autumn term our focus is Love

Worship is focused on the themes of Friendship, Thankfulness, Compassion and Generosity.


In Spring term our focus is Faith

Worship is focused on the themes of Service, Justice, Forgiveness and Trust.


In Summer term our focus is Peace

Worship is focused on the themes of Perseverance, Truthfulness, Respect and Courage.

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We have a diverse and vibrant school community with staff and pupils from a variety of different countries and with different beliefs - which is reflective of the city of Wolverhampton. Whilst our RE curriculum is based on Christianity pupils will also learn about other faiths and beliefs. We feel that it is important that pupils respect and understand the beliefs of others.

RE is taught weekly across all year groups. Our RE curriculum is based upon the agreed syllabus in Wolverhampton. We endeavour to make RE interesting and engaging offering pupils the opportunity to ask questions and share their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs. Pupils are also taught to handle religious artefacts with respect. Our annual RE day is planned to be creative. This allows the pupils to represent RE through Art, Music, Drama and ICT as well as through writing.

Pupils are able to visit a range of places of worship as part of the RE curriculum as well as leading and taking part in services at St Leonards Church and St Peters Church. We are developing relationships with faith leaders across the city.

Pupils speak very positively about RE in our school - “RE is interesting. I learn about what others believe.”  - Year 6 pupil

“I have learnt a lot about Islam this year- things I never knew before.”  - Year 5 pupil

“I have enjoyed telling the other pupils about how my family pray at home.”  - Year 4 pupil

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