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Family Support

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Pastoral Support
Our Pastoral Lead is Miss Stephanie Wootton.

The role of the pastoral team at Bilston CofE Primary School is to support the welfare of children and their families in school and work collaboratively with stakeholders on issues that arise outside of school.

Pastoral support comes in different ways as a way of creating a nurturing environment for children experiencing difficulties, which may be affecting their learning and behavior. The work of the pastoral team supports and recognizes these difficulties and they look at ways in contributing to ensuring that the children and families feel valued and supported as much as they can be.

We are dedicated to building positive relationships with our children and parents so that they have the reassurance there is a safe and comfortable environment for them in our school.

The school works in partnership with Wolverhampton’s Early Help Offer.

What is Early Help?

‘Early Help’ means providing help for children, young people and families as soon as problems start to emerge or where it is likely that issues will impact negatively on children’s developmental, physical, social and emotional needs.

Early help…

  • Is for children of all ages.

  • Can be provided at any point of need and;

  • Can be very effective in supporting a child, young person and/or their family at early intervention to prevent statutory services becoming involved which in turn could lead to escalation of issues.

  • is clear evidence that results can be positive which lead to better outcomes for children.

  • Is the first step of support which may involve an additional agency as well as school.

Early Help in Wolverhampton

The vision of all partner organisations working with children and families in Wolverhampton is to improve children’s lives by working in partnership to raise aspirations, build achievement and protect the most vulnerable.

This is based on the belief that:

  • Families and communities have many strengths that support parents as the primary carers for their children and contribute to building resilience and independence in families.

  • Children, young people and families develop resilience if there are protective factors in place such as: a positive relationship with an adult; good literacy and communication skills; good school attendance; and, parents in or actively seeking/ready for work.

  • Children’s needs are best met when help is offered in a universal setting within a socially mixed group and early on when problems start to emerge.

  • Children and young people’s needs are best met when addressed in the context of the whole family, meaning that parents/carers/siblings’ needs are addressed with consent as part of a holistic and integrated Early Help response.

Family Hubs are located across the city to support families, children and young people. They have a range of lead practitioners offering advice and guidance in several areas. 


Click the link below to find out more information:

Wolverhampton Information Network - Family Hubs

Early Help Assessment

An early help assessment is required where needs and circumstances can make a child more vulnerable and susceptible to harm. Schools are then required to seek support from additional agencies leading to a coordinated multi-agency approach. This is led by a Lead practitioner who will be assigned to work closely with a family so that the right level of support is given. Schools are then expected to be a key partner in decision making so that progress is made for the child and family.


Bilston CofE is committed to ensuring that the best outcomes are met for children to help them grow and develop. Staff are equipped and understand the early help offer and steps that need to be taken should there be concerns.


If you feel that you would benefit from additional support or would like further information on the early help offer, please contact the school office to make an appointment with Miss Wootton.

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