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The Governing Body plays a vital role in the running of the school. It is made up of people from all of the groups involved in the school; local councillors, members of the church, parents, people from the local community and members of the school staff; they have a range of skills, expertise and knowledge that will be useful in running the school.


Governors work with the school to ensure that it provides the best possible education. Together with the Head Teacher the Governing Body set the school’s aims and policies, oversees the finances of the school and reviews the overall standards of attainment of the pupils.  Each governor has a specific area of school life that they will look after. Full Governing Body meetings are held at least once per term; however some of the responsibilities of the Governing Body are managed by sub committees which may meet more often.

The Full Governing Body

Currently the Governing Body consists of 14 people:

Business Interests  - No conflicting interests

Remit: To provide the vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school; develop and monitor the School Development Plan; ensure sound financial management of the school’s financial resources, agreeing and monitoring the budget; ensure the Head Teacher is held to account for the educational performance of the school, monitoring standards and progress in achievement for all pupils.


Finance and General Purposes Committee

Chair: Mr Mark Bircher

Remit: To oversee the preparation of the school’s annual budget plan; ensure that financial systems comply with regulations; monitor expenditure; approve virements at the level specified in the school’s agreed financial procedures; ensure the maintenance of the inventories and security of assets.


Health and Safety Committee

Chair: Mr G Gentle

Remit: To recommend to the full governing body a health and safety, welfare and security policy; determine matters relating to building maintenance, health and safety and security and lettings outside of school hours; determine insurance arrangements.


Teaching and Learning Committee

Substantive Chair: Rev. Simon Skidmore

Remit: Ensure that the national curriculum is in place; agree, monitor and review a curriculum policy and scheme of work  for each subject and area of the curriculum, report standards of teaching and attainment to the governing body; ensure that the delivery of sex education and RE are in line with the governors’ policies and legal guidance; monitor the arrangements for and provision of collective worship; ensure the curriculum complies with all relevant legislation; monitor the curriculum in respect of Special Needs and Disability.


Pupil or Staff Discipline Committee

Any three governors providing they have no involvement in the case being considered.

Remit: To consider exclusions and representations by the parent/carers and the LA in accordance with regulations; consider representations by staff/other parties in accordance with regulations in the case of issues involving staff.


If you are interested in becoming a Governor, or have any questions about the work of the Governing Body please contact the school.


All the Governors are required to disclose any business or pecuniary interests to avoid possible conflicts of interest. As of January 2016 there are no relevant interests. Declaration of interests is a statutory agenda item at every Governing Body meeting.

If parents/carers require paper copies of any documents on the website please contact the school office

Governor Attendance 2022/23
Governor Attendance 2021/22

Key –

FGP = Finance and General Purposes

T&L = Teaching & Learning committee

FGB = Full Governing Body Meeting

LA = Local Authority

P = Parent

F = Foundation


Head Teacher


A = Autumn

Sp = Spring

Su = Summer


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