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Staff Well Being

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The mission of Bilston CE Primary is to increase children’s life chances. Governors and staff members prioritise the educational needs and welfare of pupils. The school considers staff well-being and manageable workload as central to achieving this mission. Ensuring a healthy life-work balance while delivering the identified school improvement priorities is one of the key principles underpinning our approach. The school has identified 10 supports for staff well-being for effective implementation.

Unique features of Bilston CE Primary…Benefits for Teachers & Class-Based support staff

1 Additional PPA time (> 10% for teachers – eg in worship times) cover mostly provided in one block and for all the teachers in the Year group at the same time.

  • Shared expertise & workload   

  • High quality planning  

  • High quality conversation  

  • Better use of non-directed time

  • High quality planning for the class  

  • Greater consistency for team teaching

2 Third teachers in every Year group across the school to teach English and Maths.

  • Shared discussion/ planning  

  • Reduced work-load  

  • Less time spent on adapting teaching  

  • Support for small groups

  • Pupils making better progress


3 Specialist teachers for (a) music; (b) PE/Swimming; (c) Spanish (d) outdoor learning

Class teacher not having to plan, teach or assess for these subjects.

  • Reduced workload for planning, teaching and assessment

  • More time to focus on interventions

  • Opportunity to work with different teachers  

  • Able to observe subject specialist adapting learning for pupils


4 A full-time Teaching Assistant in every class

  • High quality support for teaching & learning, and related admin tasks


5 A specialist team of support staff comprising of (a) specialist reading support; (b) speech and language support; and (c) mentoring support for all pupils in the school (mental health) (d) sports health

  • Better access to curriculum for pupils

  • Targeted support for pupils

  • Able to draw on strategies /focus on curriculum

  • improved pupil progress

  • Able to focus on different priorities and support interventions


6 Exceptional CPD opportunities during directed/working time (eg coordinator release time) as well as chances to attend training/courses provided by external providers.

  • Opportunities to develop

  • Support for professional growth

  • Opportunities to refresh and gain new knowledge.

  • Better understanding of other Year groups and pupils in the school.


7 A Year Group budget for general expenditure which teachers spend as they see fit.

  • Resources for classroom

  • Useful resources for class

  • Able to get best possible resources to support great learning


8 Visits out of the classroom each Term

  • Curriculum enrichment

  • Cultural capital for pupils


9 A computing technician providing technical and learning support. Up-to-date technology to support learning.

  • Reduced teacher stress

  • Support with development of IT skills

  • Support available when needed

  • Equipment ready for use

  • CPD opportunities for all


10 A spacious and modern working environment with a designated annexes designed for additional teaching space.

  • Space to work with groups and individuals

  • Conducive / pleasant environment

  • Able to support pupils learning


11 Well Beings Day/s – 1 per year as well as half a day given (per term) for 100% full term attendance. Time given for medical appointments as well as own children’s school appointments


12 Staff refreshments provided free of charge (drinks/snacks, etc)


The school is fully committed to ensuring the highest level of well-being for all staff members, and will ensure that everyone benefits from the above.

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