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School Council

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School Council 

The School Council is made up of 2 children from each year group from Y2 upwards. These children act as representatives for their Year Group and help to make pupils’ voices heard.

They meet every Friday afternoon to discuss issues that concern pupils in their everyday lives in school. They also talk about various fund raising activities that they can take part in and ways that they can help the local community. They discuss improvements that can be made to the school environment and how best to use funds raised. They often do litter picking around the school site - helping keeping our school site a clean place for all.


These meetings help the children to become confident about putting forward ideas, making decisions and speaking to a meeting. With this new found confidence, they have also been able to make presentations about their work to their classes and in front of the school. They are often chosen to escort guests into and around the school and also represent the school in various off-site visits.

School Council News

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