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Science Day

All the children have had a lovely day today and enjoyed taking part in different science activities. Around the school, they explored scientific investigations based on the theme of ‘discovery’. From creating their own bubbles to becoming archaeologists investigating the diets of early civilisations by examining their `poo` the investigations were about genuinely finding out something new. The children interacted with each other really well and it was great to see them enjoying being scientists and discoverers.

In year 4 and 6 the children had the problem of trying to work out, by measuring the distances different tins rolled, which was their tin of baked beans after their little sister had removed some of the labels from different tins.

Year 4 also discovered that they are able to use milk to make different shapes if they add white vinegar to it to help turn it into plastic milk. They were surprised to discover this is how plastic used to be made about 100 years ago.

Year 3 and year 5 have looked at `poo` from Romans, Vikings, Aztecs, Tudors and Egyptians to help them understand what people ate in the past and how they prepared their food.

The discovery that KS1 were presented with was the puzzle of dinosaurs and other little creatures who were trapped inside blocks of ice and needed to be freed from their ‘icy’ prison.

All the children have had a great day and enjoyed using their problem solving skills to help them explore and discover about the world around them.

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