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Science Day

 Year 1 had a fantastic day conducting lots of fun experiments. The children were focussing on the title of 'Time'. They began by making some jelly, one on its own and one with fruit in it. The children then timed these to see which type of jelly would set the fastest. They then explored bath bombs and timed how long they took to dissolve in different temperatures (cold, warm and hot). The children made a prediction and carried out the experiment to find out the result - the hot water worked the fastest! Finally to link with our art topic, the children conducted a walking rainbow experiment. The children used cups with the primary colours mixed with water and put empty cups between these with paper towels between each cup. The children then timed the experiment to find out how long it would take the primary colour water to climb the paper towels and mix to create secondary colours. The children had a fantastic day becoming Scientists and carrying out lots of fun experiments.


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