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Peer Supporters

Wednesday 25th October & Thursday 26th October 2023

During these two days, 12 children from Year 6 have taken part in The Steps Program which is a peer supporters training course. They have had the opportunity to learn a range of skills based on their role as a peer supporter and completed it to the best of their ability.

The children participated in an array of different activities and games including non-verbal games, size ordering activities and activities which focused on dealing with emotions.

Some of the challenges the children covered during the course were:

- Feelings - Listening Skills

- Planning Organising and Discussing

- Skills they have and can bring to the role

- Confidence - Confiding in others

- Putting yourselves in other’s shoes and seeing things through their eyes

The children enjoyed the exciting challenges that they participated in, and the trainer Ian, from Wider Learning, was extremely impressed with how well all the children were engaged in the tasks she set. All the 12 children from year 6 passed their course and are all keen to fulfil their duties at playtimes and lunchtimes.

The children will be responsible for:

- supporting children around school during break and lunch times

- helping them engage with others and build confidence within themselves.

- supporting and leading games and activities to encourage children to step away from their comfort zone and partake in something new, and possibly interact with children they do not normally interact with in order to help build new relationships and friends.


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